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SG Projects


SG Projects was founded on the basis of the multidisciplinary experience of its partners and collaborators.

Through innovative solutions, guaranteed by the best world producers, SG Projects is the perfect partner to face the challenges of the global market, finding the best compromise between quality, economic benefits and concrete results.

The products and solutions proposed by SG Projects find applications in major sectors, including Water Treatment, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Energy

Innovative technologies, quality, reliability and customer satisfaction are for us in SG Projects the cornerstones of our work.


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SG Projects S.r.l.

Sede Legale: Strada Folciona, 5/Bis

Sede Operativa: Piazza San Bovo, 37

27058 Voghera (PV) Italy 

Cod. Fisc. / P. IVA 02589120183

R.E.A. PV-285941

telephone number: +39 320 8041549

Our Partners

SG Projects has the Italian representation of certified quality products and high commercial competitiveness for the main sectors, including Water Treatment, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Energy.

In our portfolio we can boast:

3M: high flow filters and pretreatment filters;

Akkim: UF membranes (Out-In);

Codeline: Pressure vessel;

Fluytec: Static mixers, GRP filters, cartridge and self-cleaning filters;

Likuid: Ceramic Membranes;

Liqui-cel (3M): Contactor Membranes for the control of dissolved gases;

Mega: EDI for the production of demi water;

Mega: EDR for product concentration;

Mega-Tec: Membranes for cataphoresis and filtration;

Pentair: UF / MBR membranes;

Piedmont: Complete range of flexible joints (couplings) and seals for membrane system;

PWT: Chemical products for washing membranes;

RO Membranes: Membranes for Reverse Osmosis;

Samyang: Resins for ion exchange.

and other interesting products, viewable both on our website:

All our suppliers meet ISO requirements; we personally check the products supplied and the production sites, to always guarantee the highest quality standards.